Speed Painting

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Haven't posted in awhile because I've been busy with school, but I've been accepted into TTTC (Think Tank Training Centre), just mailed in the $1,500 seat deposit today. There's another $28,900 left to pay, woo!! I haven't done much art (no time) besides playing around on Facebook Graffiti, so I'll just post the Graffiti videos.

16 more school days until graduation :)


I made a box!

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Yes, well Gabe came over and we worked on some tiling/texturing in Photoshop, and translating it to 3DS Max. It looks pretty crappy, but it's the first one I ever did haha! And yes, it's just rocks. Exciting, I know. Not to mention, this rocky colour and the ugly interface for 3ds sure matches my site nicely.

Original image after tiling it

Smoothed and touched up

Mapped for lighting in 3D

Then I made it into an ugly, ugly cube. Yay! Then we ran out of time to do the sphere, or any other stuff with it. But! I got Ableton Live 8 from Gabe now, haven't had time to play with it yet but looking forward to it soon :D

Anyways, I've also been talking to Think Tank about my classes and financial situation, they suggested starting in the February term so I have more time to pick up these basics, and maybe cut out some of the costs. I was told the competition for October is really high, and as there was only 2-3 spots left when I got my package in, it might be better to apply to February also. So I applied for February just in case. I'll update when I know what's happening!


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Playing around with cars lately. It's a nice break from drawing people and plants and animals and stuff. All flat and reflective and symmetrical... something I'm not used to haha =X. But still just as fun, though I can see it getting boring fast. I hope I don't land a job working on car games as my first project = =

Did a Hi Nu Gundam style BNR32 in Photoshop which was fun. BNR32 x Hi Nu

Started doing a Del Sol on Gabe's wall! But my browser crashed. Because of all my gaming and art, I have this habit of snapping a screen every few minutes in case of rollbacks/crashes. Luckily I got this right before it crashed, was too lazy to restart haha. Facebook Graffiti is lame but makes it fun because it's challenging and nearly impossible to draw a straight line. My Facebook Graffiti secrets revealed! I draw a bunch of those gradient things on the edges to plan out the colouring. The paint tool for the Graffiti app is really touchy and hard to layer so I save myself a lot of trouble, as there's no eraser tool =\

Lamborghini Gallardo I did a few days ago, speed sketched! Well, not that fast, but compared to my other stuff I really rushed it, that's why the edges are all choppy. Was fun though. I did it working kind of backwards - working with the reflective lines, but not actually boxing out the car first. So working with negative spaces I guess. Fun :D



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Fixed the page and revived blog. This is going to be strictly for my art, school and game design stuff.

I'll update more soon :)


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Mou ikkai!! I deleted all the previous posts because everything got all messy, the result of trying to code my layout at 5 am. So this is another first post, again!

Alright, lately I have been working on a few things, so it's time to update (0☆Д☆) おっすー! Firstly, at the top of the list, looking for a new school and a job. Hoping another trip to the hospital to ruin my school life again won't be needed!

But that's boring stuff, right under that is the 5th Game Maker Competition, I'll be helping Jenna out with making sprites like this cute little Toyota Corolla AE86, for her game entry Foody Num Nums. Similar to Katamari except instead of rolling over items you eat them and get fatter. Yes, even cars!

Under this, I am working on an Alternative Modeling portfolio. Because of the weather, no shoots yet just planning. The first shoot will be a snow shoot, so I am looking forward to it =). It will be an interesting experience, having someone take pictures of me haha, usually I just take pictures of myself for my facebook profile, msn display, etc... But to actually dress up, bring several outfits, wear make-up and head to a specific public location to get pictures taken-- it will be interesting... I hope >.>

I am also playing around a lot with the programs Gabe gave me, more with the zBrush since I think it's fun, but with a lot of music programs as well. My head is all full of tutorials. It keeps me awake at night sometimes. I don't have anything modeled yet that is worth posting, so I won't embarrass myself. Being a perfectionist I can't seem to stand something I consider sub-par being seen in public, haha. Does that make me a bad person?! :P

On top of all of this, once my school starts, I'll be signing up for dance lessons. Yep-- I am skinny now, but I gotta work to make sure I don't get a bomb dropped on me in my 20's! It's not the real reason I'm signing up though, I always liked dance. I have an amazing sense of balance and hand-eye coordination, and in my opinion whether its in art, music, taste or movement, or anything else; my number one skill seems to be replicating or reproducing what I see, hear, taste, etc... I'm a professional grade copy cat =) Since I have been really unhealthy in the past year (in and out of hospitals way too much), I thought a bit of strenuous activity every day would be good for my health. And as long as it's something I have an interest in, I'll keep at it. I'm very competitive 8D And, in preparation for the upcoming physical activity I've been stretching and exercising a lot. I can now do more situps in a row than my boyfriend, touch my toes, and put both feet behind my head like those creepy contortionists.

But wait, the list goes on. Busy life! I've started selling clothing, hats and accessories online again for some extra money, but it's hard to get found among a fan base of ~1000, where only ~50% are Vancouverites. Therefore, I'm going to start selling on an amateur designer website as well as on eBay. Hopefully it'll grab a bit more attention.

Lastly (I think), I've been looking for a pet. I have a 5 gallon tank beside me ready to go for some aquatic goodness. I really want an axolotl. But onwards! What I really am looking for is a snake (which requires a 15-25 gallon view tank). In the near future hopefully, I will be purchasing either a Ball Python or a selective het of Corn Snake from a breeder here in Vancouver. They go anywhere from $100 up to $2500 so we will see what I fall in love with at first sight (♥◡♥)b. Snakes are great pets, they eat twice a month, poo two or three times a month, have no scent, and require hardly any attention or cleaning at all. Most snakes available for sale are very laid back and (as far as reptiles go) docile. Contrary to popular belief, even larger snakes like Boas would not make any move to bite or constrict their handlers, as long as the snakes are captive bred. Even wild snakes I've caught in the past rarely do anything at all to defend themselves. Since I am very comfortable handling, feeding and taking care of reptiles, I'd love a pet snake this year. Corn snakes live anywhere from 12-15 years, up to 20; and Ball Pythons can reach 50 years in captivity-- so it would be a nice permanent family member!