Posted: Saturday, May 29, 2010 by tokio in Labels: , , , , ,

Playing around with cars lately. It's a nice break from drawing people and plants and animals and stuff. All flat and reflective and symmetrical... something I'm not used to haha =X. But still just as fun, though I can see it getting boring fast. I hope I don't land a job working on car games as my first project = =

Did a Hi Nu Gundam style BNR32 in Photoshop which was fun. BNR32 x Hi Nu

Started doing a Del Sol on Gabe's wall! But my browser crashed. Because of all my gaming and art, I have this habit of snapping a screen every few minutes in case of rollbacks/crashes. Luckily I got this right before it crashed, was too lazy to restart haha. Facebook Graffiti is lame but makes it fun because it's challenging and nearly impossible to draw a straight line. My Facebook Graffiti secrets revealed! I draw a bunch of those gradient things on the edges to plan out the colouring. The paint tool for the Graffiti app is really touchy and hard to layer so I save myself a lot of trouble, as there's no eraser tool =\

Lamborghini Gallardo I did a few days ago, speed sketched! Well, not that fast, but compared to my other stuff I really rushed it, that's why the edges are all choppy. Was fun though. I did it working kind of backwards - working with the reflective lines, but not actually boxing out the car first. So working with negative spaces I guess. Fun :D